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How to dress like a Model


Letter to my Diamonds

IMG_00000177I can’t believe how time flies, it seems like yesterday I was a year younger, oh! Wait, I actually was a year younger yesterday lol.

It’s my birthday today and I can’t help but reminisce on some fun birthdays I’ve had along the way, at times like these am so grateful for life, love, family, friends and of course you all that will get a chance to read this.

Someone once asked me why I sound soo much older and wiser than I actually look in really life, and I have to say that over time I’ve come to realize that you all make me wiser, everyday I get to share my thoughts with you all on air is a blessing to me and that makes everything worthwhile.

I guess I said all that to say this… Thank you all for allowing me share your stories and your lives with you everyday on Rhythm and Soul and thank you for all the birthday wishes you guys rock!

Oohhh before I forget, here are some of my old birthday pics and they are screen grabs from fb lol uploading each one would take forever and am too young to wait that long hehehehe…. New ones will follow alot later.

Luv, 10e